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Our mission

All Products Proudly Made in the United States
The Infinity88 Group were established with the intention of producing products Made In the USA.  The concept is simple:  Less outsourcing production to other countries equates to more US jobs and more US jobs make for a better economy all around.  We are continuously striving to create and contribute to the growth of US jobs and a healthy economy. We respect and appreciate our clients and colleagues who are devoted to US Made/Berry Compliant products and welcome those who wish to collaborate with our team.

We are so very proud to be of service to the US Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders.  Our company has come together through strategic planning, and our team through methodical hiring.  With a well-educated and seasoned Executive Team and a Positive Work Environment, we are confident in our Mission. 

Our team

Michael Phan

Born in Vietnam and raised in Australia Michael comes from a long line of manufactures. Originally his father started the first location for apparel in Southern California as a family business. After his passing his two sons took over and grew this business into its current three locations. With two manufacturing sites, 28,000 square feet and 18,000 square feet, Michael, and partner Monica Salci, plan to further expand in the near future.  The ultimate goal is to become one of the largest domestic manufacturers of Military/Civilian Uniforms in the US through their Military Operation, JAG88.

Monica Salci


Monica Salci, Partner of Infinity88 and Co-Owner/Founder of JAG88, has been involved with Technical Sewing since 1997 when she bought into her first Manufacturing Company in Southern CA. Through a unique twist in life, Monica went from a career in Brain Science to owning a Manufacturing Facility. In 2018, in an effort to expand, Monica sought out a compatible prospective partner who shared an interest in growing to become one of the largest manufacturers of Military/Law Enforcement in the US. Monica introduced the world of Military/Law Enforcement to Michael Phan in 2018, and together they formed JAG88. They have expanded 8 fold in just 4 years and attribute that to sharing similar values and goals. We are so very proud to be of service to the US Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders.


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